File Manager -  Premium File Manager, File Browser

File Manager - Premium File Manager, File Browser

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How many applications do you have for file management?
It only takes TOAST File to have all file management features, like cloud, file browser, and remote file delivery.

[Service Overview]

■ File Manager, File Browser
Stylishly designed file browser app
It collects files by type and supports SD card, giving you the freedom to manage files on your phone.
Use Frequent Folders to easily find files downloaded from other apps.
You don’t even need to log in to use the service!

■ Remote Connection with Mobile Phone and PC
Enable remote connection for TOAST File devices.
No cable is required to download your mobile phone files on pc and readily open up your files from pc.

■ Easy and Fancy Sharing
Use TOAST File to share photos of friends, homework, or work files.
Share URL for all, or for specific people only!
Start your special moments of sharing on a fancy screen.

■ Connection with Web Drive Services
Connect your Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox accounts and manage your photos, videos, documents, and audio files dispersed everywhere at one view.
Use Favorites to collect your favorite files, no matter the cloud.

■ Support of Various Platforms
TOAST File supports mobile applications, websites, and Windows software.
Always stay with TOAST File to manage your files anywhere and anytime.

[Guide for Access Authority]
Storage Space: Manage photos, media, or files saved in repository.
External Repository: Manage files saved in SD card.

[TOAST File Customer Center]
For any inquiries while using TOAST File, access Customer Center ( and make your issues resolved.