Hadith Casa 6 nice sound text

Hadith Casa 6 nice sound text

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Hadith Sharif Kassa with 6 nice sound

One of the best prayers of the Hadith of Sharif Kassa, narrated by Bibi-div the world of Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra Salam Allah Aliyah, and Jaber narrates directly from them, is one of the most valuable treasures of Shi'a, both in terms of beliefs and spiritual aspects, therefore, one way Solve Shiite problems and difficulties during the history of reading and resorting to this noble Hadith.

It is hoped to open the knot of your problems by reading this noble tradition.

- Arabic audio and text + Persian translation of hadith

-Can choose night mode or day mode

Great graphics

-Iran Persian Hadith

-Supports display boards with different sizes and tablets

-Ability to share and copy content

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