Prayer joshankabir Maddah

Prayer joshankabir Maddah

Version 3.0
Active installs

Pray for the great prayer with the text of the line and the sweet prayers of the eight mods

- Beautiful sound

- Beautiful voice of Taheri

- Beautiful voice of Mirdamad

- The beautiful voice of Moosavi Ghahar

- Beautiful voice of Meysam Motai

- The beautiful sound of honest Ahangaran

- Ability to resize the prayer

- Line-to-line translation

- Very simple and functional

-Can choose night mode or day mode

-Change font size

-Supports display boards with different sizes and tablets

- Persian and Arabic text

The prayer of Jhoshn-e Kabir is one of the prayers revealed by Gibreel to Mohammad (peace be upon him) by the Muslims. This prayer is one of the special acts of the Great Nights, but is also read in the rest of the hours and days of the year.

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