Halva all kinds chamber simple

Halva all kinds chamber simple

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Food & Drink

In the Halva app, there are various types of halva cheeses and a complete list of types of halves that you can select from each order the ingredients, a picture of the prepared halva, the preparation time, the waiting time for baking, the volume of food produced to the number of people, See the degree of hardness, how to prepare the ingredients, and how to prepare and cook.

• Turmeric with carrots

• Halva Ajeli

• Halvah Ardeh Household

• Halva with three flavors of ginger, saffron, cocoa

• Biscuit Halva

• Egg Halo

• Potato halva

• Dwarf Halvah

• Halo

• Milk powder

• Halvah roulette

• Milk Halva

• Pistachio halvah

And .....

Features of this app include:

1- The best programming font

2- Variety list

3. High speed graphic

4. Ability to save the location of the study

5. Attractive environment

6. Quick settings in the program (During the study, you can activate the study mode at night or change the size and font type)

7. Jump to the next and previous posts at the bottom of each article

8-Ability to share and copy content

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