Comprehensive narjes Khatoon (sa)

Comprehensive narjes Khatoon (sa)

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in the name of God

Or Zaman Zaman Aghsny or Adrkny

** The first and most comprehensive Android app in the biography and life of the mother Imam, Imam Mahdi (aj)

The program is completely free and the price is a descendent order to hasten the advent of the Prophet.
* Comprehensive program to further understanding of Hazrat Narjes Khatoon


Text section include:

_Ashar And prayers (Shrine of Hazrat Narjes, prayer, deliverance and health for offline voice) and resort to the Prophet N.

biography, diary:

_Khrydary Hazrat Narjes, his knowledge of the Imams, Imam Hassan Asgari interest and matchmaking and marriage

_Aslam Get him to meet Fatima and Imam Hassan Askari dream

_Chgvngy Bondage and domination of Hazrat Narjes in Arabic

_Chgvngy The birth of Imam Mahdi and the fall of his life Narjes Khatoon (sa)

Analysis Biography

What was their real _Zadgah Narjes Khatoon is the official religion?

What was the real _Nsb Narjes Khatoon?

Safa is _Shmvn?

_Mykhayyl Who is the third?

_Chra A Roman prince to Imam Hasan Askari became Christian, not a Muslim Arab girls?

_Sfat And attributes lady

_Nrjs In Imam elders

_Mqam Intercession Narjeskhatoon

_Shnakht Narjeskhatoon in Ziaratnama

_Khvab Name and the name of the Prophet of the large number N.

_Thly Captivity captive, and how to come

_Chra On behalf of the Roman Empire was no one Narjeskhatoon

Imam Hasan Askari Narjeskhatoon _Sn during marriage

_Msalh Hiding and witness the birth of Imam Mahdi (AS)

_Ya Narjeskhatoon the hands of Hazrat Fatima (SA) embraced Islam

_Ya Narjeskhatoon life is more like a fairy tale?

_Shyvhshnasy In historical research


With capabilities:

_Ashtrak Gzarybrnamh directly with friends

Sharing photos and text _Ashtrak

_Pkhsh Music in the background

_Pkhsh Audio prayers offline

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