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* My Memory *

Based on the idea of educational cards, but in a more professional and entertaining way, provides a service to all students of schools and universities on different theoretical and practical disciplines, especially those whom concerned with  medical specialists, engineering and foreign languages, which will help them to:

1- Boost your  memory with an absolute sense  of forgetfulness:

You may forget most of what you had learned and memorized after a few days, but with using My Memory, we assure you not only not to forget anything you have learned several months ago, but also you will not forget it even after many years.

2- Study and review your lessons in a short time that makes you ready for the final exams very well in advance.

3- Review your lessons anywhere and anytime

Changed the style of reviewing lessons from traditional tedious to innovative and effective scientific methods on your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

4-Transfer what has been learned from short-term memory to long-term memory.

5- Be Superior at your study

You will find yourself one of superior students in your class who can easily understand and memorize lessons in a short time. 

6- Memorize vocabs of any language without forgetting in a professional and entertaining way at the same time

7- Self-Assessment 

Upgrades your Current level to higher one, gives you feeling of satisfaction, happiness, and reassurance that you are 100% familiar with this or that lesson without any doubt.

How App work? 

You will follow a timetable program at different levels starting from level 1 up to level 20.

On the app's home page, you should do the following:

1- Enter your field of Specialty 
2- Enter Book’s title associated with Specialty
3- Enter the title of the lesson you want to study in this book

Then, add your lesson information in the form of question and answer / word and meaning / etc.

You find all questions in level 1 in the lesson you assigned to them.

By Clicking on level 1, you will access to lesson’s study stage in form of a question and answer, where the questions will be presented to you consequently, answers will be hidden from you, then guess the answer, once you guessed, just click display answer button, if your answer is correct Click on the "I Know" button and if it is wrong click "I don't know" button, Until you reach the last question.

Note: The questions you know will move to the next level and the questions you do not know will move to level 1 directly.

- You can review the questions in the next levels from Level 2 to 20 after the expiration of the time limit and before you reach the stage of forgetting it. 

it's Contain :

- Sharing your lessons with friends and others
- A store where ready lessons can be downloaded.
- A large number of words and their meanings in different languages.
- Online dictionary with the possibility to add the question and answer to the lessons directly from the dictionary.
- A memory bank that includes all the questions in form of  personal dictionary.
- Ability to organize reviewing times either manually or by default time.
- the feature of Multiple Choice tests especially for words and their meaning.
- Ready lessons can be uploaded in excel format providing that matching entire form presented within application.

And other useful feature

This APP was designed on the basis of spaced repetition idea originated by German Scientist LEITNER , then we reformatted into an organized and professional smart app available at all new smart phones and tablets.


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با اپلیکیشن لایتنر پیشرفته، دروس خود را تا مدت طولانی به خاطر بسپارید

شما برای ماندگاری اطلاعات مختلف در حافظه خود از چه راهکاری استفاده میکنید؟ آیا میتوانید حجم زیادی از اطلاعات درسی یا آموزشی را برای مدت طولانی به خاطر بسپارید؟ اگر این کار برایتان دشوار است، اپلیکیشن حافظه من – لایتنر پیشرفته در انتقال مطالب به حافظه بلند مدت، به شما کمک میکند. برای آشنایی بیشتر با نحوه عملکرد این برنامه اندرویدی، در نقد و بررسی آن با ما همراه باشید.