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Using this application you can easily manage your GSM and WiMAX accounts.

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Dynamic Combo Bolton

Increase Credit Limit

Damage Voucher Recharge

Complete Description:

Using this application you can easily manage your GSM and WiMAX accounts and receive your account information at any time.

Latest update :

1)   Dynamic Combo : Live life your way! Can’t find a bundle of your choice? This new feature provides you the freedom to customize your Data, Voice Minutes and SMS Plan to fit your lifestyle. Try it.

Increase Credit Limit : Exceeding your Credit Limit on your PostPaid Subscription? Use this feature to request an increase on your Credit Limit.

Damage Voucher Recharge : Having troubles with a damaged or over-scratched recharge voucher? Don’t stress; a new function added to rescue. Use this feature to enter details of unused damaged recharge voucher to complete your recharge or bill payment.

Shared Account for Prepaid Subscribers  : MTN Irancell prepaid subscribers can create a single shared account and purchase one of the available boltons for their shared account and use it via multiple mobile phones or other devices, rather than charging several accounts. 

Buyable offers (My Amazing offers) : All Prepaid subscribers can now get 100 times more on-net call airtime than the subscription fee you pay for your chosen offer.

Prepaid to Postpaid migration : This new service enables the owners of MTN Irancell Prepaid SIM cards to switch to Postpaid.

Bolton Purchase history for GSM Subscribers : GSM Subscribers can now see last 10 purchased Boltons.

Below items are among some of the features of MyIrancell:
• New, dynamic design
• Easy access to related menus
• Displaying account information (balance inquiry, credit, bills, usage)
• Invoice summary for last six cycles (postpaid only)
• Alarm for WiMAX prepaid users (account details, balance, and volume)
• Easy access to Irancell social networks
• Buy Boltons for any account type using this application without dialling USSD codes
• Balance inquiry
• Changing tariff plan
• Paying bills (Voucher, Bank gateway and m-Banking)
• Usage summary (Recharge, e-payment and changing tariff plan)
• Displaying PUK
• Promotional offers
• FAQs
• Log and incident search
• Contact us

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My Irancell

Using this application you can easily manage your GSM and WiMAX accounts and receive your account information at any time.

my irancell: official app review

by My Irancell application you can manage GSM accounts and easily use USSD code and it's a good way to check your data and more

مدیریت سیم کارت ایرانسل - برنامه ایرانسل من زیر ذره بین

ایرانسل من، برنامه جامع و کاملی است که برای دریافت هر نوع خدماتی و یا اطلاع از مقدار شارژ و مانده اینترنت و ... ناگزیر به استفاده از این اپ هستیم. در واقع تمام مشترکین ایرانسل باید این اپلیکیشن را در تلفن همراه خود نصب کنند. پس در ادامه برای آشنایی بیشتر با ایرانسل من با ذره بین همراه باشید


My Irancell App Review

Using this app you can easily manage your GSM accounts irancell sim

چیکاو - بررسی ایرانسل من اپلیکیشنی کاربردی برای مدیریت حساب ایرانسلی

رسانه چیکاو - ایرانسل که یکی از اپراتور های بزرگ ارائه دهنده خدمات ارتباطی است نیز برای بهبود مدیریت سیم کارت های ، اپلیکیشن مای ایرانسل را توسعه داده است. با چیکاو همراه باشید تا اپلیکیشن ایرانسل من را بررسی کنیم.

my irancell

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