SMS Backup

SMS Backup

Version 1.0.0
Active installs

Back up text messages
Restore or SMS support of the program and see if you dial a call or answer messages.

Here are a few general feature for you to explain:
1.pshtyban of:
You can click the Backup button, within seconds, and backup all your SMS messages are stored in your folder.
Restore deleted it.
3.mshahdh backups are:
Clicking on this button you can enter messages of support and you can see them easily, or to contact them, send messages, diverted to another and do.
4.pshtyban of the email:

5.hzf all supported are:
Click on this section, all the support in the folder mentioned above, will be removed in seconds.
6. Settings menu:
On the Settings menu, you can enable automatic backup button for automatic backup of your choice.

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