Cleaner and Speed For Phone

Cleaner and Speed For Phone

Version 1.0
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* Liberalization and speed up the phone *

Liberalization program and speed will help you to a few simple clicks of your SD card memory and the phone memory and SD card optimize * Speed ​​up the phone memory and SD card professionally * Schedule your free advanced to mass delete or leave the SD card * call history, text messages, Gmail, clear your browser ... with a single click on your installed apps locking the "This feature is only supported by Android 4.4.2" * And more ...

So if you are looking for a specific applications and features: free memory, optimize memory, memory speed, transfer or remove programs and you, we give you free professional and advanced applications and high speed we recommend.

Access Applications

* Read and edit messages: used in cleansing history

* Modify the reading audience, read and write call log: Used cleans history

* Read and write web bookmarks and history: used to clean up history

* Modify the contents of the card SD: SD card memory for active

* When running Setup: automatic start

* Retrieve and close programs being implemented: high speed

* Drawing on other apps * Sync switch prevented from sleeping and reading status

* Modify system settings: high speed

* Measure memory: the memory space on the first page program

* Memory Test * shake * Install access to shortcuts * Location

* Remove all data cache: Removes hidden files and system memory to speed up and optimize

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