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Bipark | بی پارک | Online Parking

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BiPark Find, Reserve and Pay Parking App

BiPark, Find, Reserve and Pay Parking App, Public, Street and Private Parkings.

BiPark application is offered online car parking in Tehran and other major cities. "BiPark" is a Mobile Application for online car parking in Tehran and the big cities. With the "BiPark" you can use any of the parking spaces around you wherever you are. Currently, there are about 300 "parking spaces in Tehran" and the suburbs available to you and "BiPark" leads you wherever you are to the "nearest parking lot".

  • Find parking space with BiPark App, wherever and whenever you need to a Parking.
  • You can Search by different Parking types: Public Parking, Street Parking, Private Parking. 
  • You can Search by Parking Name, Parking Type, Parking Address and Parking Price and reserve proper Parking.
  • You can see Parking Information, Price, Availability and Directions.
  • You can Find, Reserve and Pay Online Parking.
  • Now take your journey without stress of finding parking.

The basic functionality of Bipark:

Search Parking:

Anywhere you are, you can find parking, compare features and prices.

Book Parking:

Simply reserve your parking space and make your move. You know you have a parking. The parking is waiting for you.

Park your car:

We will guide you to your parking. Park your car safely and easily pay with your phone.

Save time and money and reduce stress:

BiPark helps you find a parking space right at minimal costs, reduce your stress and do not be late.

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