SMS Divert

SMS Divert

Version 1.0
Active installs

BY installing this app in your mobile you can divert it's SMSs to your other mobiles.

Some main features:

- Auto app start only when is needed for diverting SMS.

- Validate new divert destination number by validation SMS for security.

- Filtering divert by sender phone number.

- Diverting (forwarding received SMSs) in real time to mobiles which their numbers are in “Destination”.

- Saving diverted SMSs in app with numbers which diverted to, date and time of diverting and delivery state for each number.

- Saving diverted SMSs in mobile or block to saving them in mobile.

- Ability to editing and forwarding diverted messages.

- Ability to disable app just with one button when your mobile is accessible and you don’t want to divert any SMSs.

- Ability to enable / disable app with SMS for when your phone is not accessible for you physically.

- English language support with english interface.

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