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An essential tool on your mobile or tablet.
It is recommended that this application will always be with you
Particularly in the travel and leisure!

Suppose you have fun with your friends and you are just enjoying your broadband SIM card. How can the rest of their friends the chance to have Internet access?
Suppose you're in college and you need to connect your laptop to the Internet. But there is no wireless network to connect to it without any worries. What do you do?
And finally, suppose you need to travel with a mobile phone or laptop to connect to the Internet

You just need to:
1 The software on the internet on a phone that has a SIM card installed
2 Run the software
3 Mobile are wirelessly connected to the Internet and enjoy!

However, your laptop can connect wirelessly to your mobile phone and Internet use
Your friends in a fun and happy traveling
Even if you do not have access to ADSL

With the ability to:
1 set the wireless network name

With their IP,s displays the number of users connected to your mobile phone
4 Set the password for a secure connection (with the possibility that they encode only the people you are connected to the phone)

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