Red Alert - Cumta

Red Alert - Cumta

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Welcome to Cumta - Red Alerts. Cumta is a system that warns about Red Alerts (Rocket Sirens) in Israel, in real time.
It provides warnings through Telegram, Android app, Chrome extension, Twitter and Facebook.

Pay Attention! Android users with Android version 7.0 and above may have issues receiving alerts due to a battery saving mechanisms on some devices. To ensure Cumta works properly you will need to go to your device settings, Battery options, Battery Optimization, find Cumta in the apps list and change its setting to 'Do not optimize'. In addition, click on the 3 dots icon on the top right of your screen (to open another menu), choose Advanced Optimization and disable it.

If you find a bug we would be happy if you report it!

Cumta's English Telegram Channel:
Cumta's Hebrew Telegram Channel:

Cumta's Chrome Extension:

Cumta's Facebook Page:

Cumta's English Twitter:
Cumta's Hebrew Twitter:

Thanks to Mannie Fabian for translating the app to English.

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