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The new HiBob record game invites you to challenge higher records in this game. The story of this game is the character of the sponge Bob that has been poisoned in the depths of the ocean of sharks and brides and is fleeing a large amount of these animals, and you are in the character of Bob to pass this dangerous path. . The #HiBob game, which appeared at the beginning of the release, was a simple game that did not succeed much, just in the first week after the release of the record, defeated the largest number of downloads in the markets, and now thousands are involved in the challenge that started work It seemed simple. If you also love adventure and record memorable records and participate in such challenges, install this compact and lovely game and join the fans of this game. The maker of the game, which says it did not expect such a favor, is currently trying to make the game newer and more adventurous for new updates. You can also share your best recordings or screenshots with the best record in this game with the #HiBob hashtag on Instagram, Twitter and other social networks with other players in the game, and share your opinion about this game with Announce the same hashtag.


Simple, compact and lovely graphics

Increased focus

Increased coordination of the mind, eyes and hands movements

Practice the ability to control nerves

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