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Volume Booster Pro is simple and easy to use application, which Boost your media sound volume with 10 - 80 % more then maximum permited! Prior to Android Version 4.4 the app uses special algorithm to adjust the built-in Android equalizer, thanks to what you get 10 - 20 % boosted sound volume. From Android Version 4.4 and higher is used the Android Phones built-in loudness enhancer, which can increase sound volume up to 80 %.

You can control Volume Boost from notification bar (Android 4.1+).There is 3 buttons - Boost - 10%, ON/Off and Boost +10%, trough which the booster can be switched ON/OFF and Boost Level can be adjusted in 10% increments without the need of restrting the App. In this way a music player ca be started and without leaving it, the booster can be adjusted by the notification bar, without stopping the music.

Volume Booster Pro provides direct access to Android Media Player in one click! But it is very INPORTANT to know that there аrе music players that when launched they take control of the audio chanels and do not allow external apps to change audio settings. In this case Volume Booster will not work and must be tested with another Music Player. It has been tested that the Booster work perfectly with online players. Try it and enjoy the power of the Boosted Sound.

For maximum result please use a HeadSet or an external Speakers!

Advertising Policy:
We inform you that this app is free of charge, but in order to be able to continue our development, we use revenue-generating ads. When you click on ads displayed by Volume Booster Pro, you will be redirected to a third-party web page. We may provide certain information to third parties hosting these pages, such as an email address, a phone number, and a list of other applications on your device.

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