limbo pc emulator

limbo pc emulator

Version 0.9.7
Active installs

- Support Removable Devices

- Enabled TSC feature for Pentium+

- some compatibility with JB

- Using gcc 4.7 and -O3 and full ARM (no thumb)

- Enable TAP interface (Experimental)

- Alternative orientation

- Switching to EGL1.1 for compatibility

- Keep screen on

- Boot parameters

- relative position for SDL.

- Enabled SMP mode (multi-core emulation).

- Increased RAM Memory to 1GB.

- New SDL User Interface.

- Enabled External Mouse (Bluetooth).

- Sound Emulation for SB16 (only under SDL Interface).

- Keyboard CTRL,ALT keys and removed extra screens for VNC

- copying files inside VM, using sigaltstack instead of gthread

- canceling image selection and enabled ejection of media (CD, Floppy).

- File manager now detects VHD file format as well.

- Some performance enhancements. Fixed issue with optimization for cpu-exec.c and using gcc-4.6 for ARM build this fixes.

- Enabled Multithreaded AIO option for Android 3.0 devices, this should speed up 

disk I/O inside the virtual machine.

- memory.h compilation (patch provided by Yair Lifshitz).

- load linker  with stdio.h (patch provided by Yair Lifshitz).

- Port for x86 phones (patch provided by Yair Lifshitz).

- booting HDD images, removed TSC features for now

- dlfree for ICS devices, removed optimization (-O3) for gmem.c

- browsing CD ROM and Floppy images while VM is running

- getting status

- Enabled Mouse Double click with "Double tap"

- Enabled Mouse Right click with "2-Finger Long Press"

- Removed resolv.conf, DNS server is now configurable within Limbo UI

- Some minor UI enhancements

- Enabled Graphics Hardware Acceleration for Android 3.0+ devices

- Enabled Large Heap for Better Performance

- resizing VNC screen

- Added global /sdcard/limbo/etc/resolv.conf - Default is Google DNS servers

- Removed n120x network device - wrong device name

- Added missing keyboard mappings - F1-F12, ESC

- Some minor UI enhancements

- Changed optimization for glib compilation (-O3)

- CPU Emulation: i386/x86_64 - (486/PI,PII,PIII,Athlon,Atom n270,Dual Core,Phenom)

- CDROM Emulation: .img raw images read/write/bootable

- Floppy Emulation: .iso images read/bootable

- IDE Hard Disk Emulation: raw, qcow2 images are detected and bootable but unreliable)

- VGA Display Emulation: standard, cirrus, VMWare

- Network Emulation: User/NAT mode

- Peripheral Devices Emulation: Mouse (Touchpad), Keyboard (PS/2,USB)

- VNC External connections (so you can control the VM remotely from a PC).

VNC is unencrypted so make sure you use this option in Private Networks only!

- Save/Load VM Snapshot/State.

- QEMU Monitor

- UI Configurable parameters for device management

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