Mahabad Bama - online services

Mahabad Bama - online services

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Mahabad Bama

Is a specialist place for order a variety of services online in mahabad city (Western Azerbaijan).

you can use all online services round-the-clock in the time and place that you have registered in application.

in Mahabad Bama finish all works with fastest time best quality and best price.

services offered by Mahabad Bama:

  • food and Edible: order food,sweets,fruits and vegetables,daily requirements in the best place of city.

  • transportation: transfer of furniture and appliances and request a car or delivery.

  • washing service: carpet cleaning,carwash,home and business cleaning.

  • utility services: package installation or repair,radiant,water heater and air conditioner.

  • educational services: advice,music classes and booster classes.

  • advertising services: order banner types and promotions.

  • daily Requirements: recruitment and recall for free.

  • Parking services: access to city-level parking lots.

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