Mafia vs Toilet

Mafia vs Toilet

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You’ll need to bring you’re a game if you are to escape from the seemingly endless army of mafia terrorists as you travel through each level. Be careful toilet doesn’t become collateral damage to your mafia campaign though; death by bombing may be better than death by mafia, but it’s still death!
The goal of the game is to find and neutralize the main mafia named Dirty Harry.

The mafia is armed and has in its arsenal bits, chainsaws, pilots and of course the main mafia weapon is the toilet brush))). Well, the sound of the departing projectile will not leave you indifferent.

There are big different difficulties in different levels. Do not be afraid, your slings are too great and in the power to kill them!

Take good aim, use mind, and finish levels. You will win surprise prizes at the end of each level .
21 levels.
- Beautiful toon-style artistic design and enhances gameplay
- Precise touch screen controls allowing you to aim your toilet in clever arcs
- Stellar effects during battle with mafia as you blast them to smithereens
- A myriad of levels to keep you busy for hours besting mafia terrorists
- Slowly ramping difficulty that delicately balances challenge with fun
- Clever use of the environments to keep mafia bombing interesting throughout

Attention. To disable the sound in the game can not be, because for the sake of sound this game was made)))