Live Jigsaws - 3D Animated Jigsaw Puzzles

Live Jigsaws - 3D Animated Jigsaw Puzzles

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Enjoy the magic of jigsaw puzzles with Live Jigsaws! We use high quality, beautiful images with 3D effects and animation to create unique, magical jigsaw puzzles for you to play.

No matter whether you’re a chocoholic, an animal lover, a fan of fast cars or paradise islands, you’ll find a collection of HD free jigsaws to suit you.

You can even make your own jigsaw puzzles from your photos. Time to turn your wonderful memories into super fun jigsaws!

Play the game your way by customizing the shape of the jigsaw pieces and adjusting the difficulty level to match your play style. Live Jigsaws is perfect whether you’re looking for a quick puzzle or you want to spend a relaxing night solving a huge 1000 piece jigsaw!

Why players LOVE Live Jigsaws
🧩 Live jigsaws with 3D effects & animations
🧩 A huge range of jigsaw collections & themes to suit all moods
🧩 Make your own jigsaw puzzles from photos
🧩 Customize the shape of your jigsaw pieces
🧩 Choose between 12 and 1000 pieces per puzzle
🧩 Easy to navigate piece tray makes managing your pieces easy
🧩 Collect all the golden puzzle pieces for a special reward