Talking TransFormers Free

Talking TransFormers Free

Version 1.15
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Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking TransFormers. He is especially fun for children of all ages.

Please note: The use of high quality animation process, resulting file size is greater than 30M. Please wait patiently for the download is complete, auto Transformers brilliant performances coming soon!

If you like "Talking Transformers", Please press "D" button in the app to buy paid version.

Talking TransFormers repeats everything you say with a funny voice. You can pet him, poke him.

Play with TransFormers:
- Talk to TransFormers and He will repeat everything you say with a funny voice.
- Poke his head, body or feet.
- Sliding around, let him Active arm.
- Press “Transform icon”, let he change his form.
- Try his weapon.
- Fists, it would only belong to the power of justice.

Paid features:
- More action is "Dancing TransFormers". Press "D" button, let TransFormers have a most beautiful dance.
- No ads.

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