Dream Of Thrones رویای تاج و تخت

Dream Of Thrones رویای تاج و تخت

Version 1.3.6
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Primary actions in this game are defending and attacking. In order to defend, you have to build your castle; and attack, you need to develop your skills with collecting cards.

               This game mainly focuses on cards. The skill use are really simple however strategy playing main role in the game. To control your soldier you will need to swipe your screen; get ready Boom Boom Boom! Destroy your enemy.  Lots of skill cards are available which you can even attack AOE.

Cards and their Combination

               There are different variety of cards, magic cards, champions and etc. which can be collect and develop to make you stronger. You can expect a fantastic visual and audio effect in the game which will make your experience unique. What are you waiting for start collecting your cards now!!

Building Castle

               Building a solid castle is the key to protect yourself from enemies. Around your castle there are plenty of resources which you can collect those resources will make you strong; nothing will match a strong magical castle.

Open World!

               Go ahead and freely explore the world around you. Oceans and islands are all around you with all your mates in central island! Expand your territory and your magical power by challenging your enemies in different islands. Own your world!!!


Website: http://www.naringames.com

Email: dot@narin.co

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