شوفر شتاب

شوفر شتاب

Version 2.1
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In the name of god

If the game crashes (out of game) Tick the checkbox in town car to run more style game

Please read the description and Game Guide and the fruit did not seem Nkhandn

And Blkhrh high-speed chauffeur after a while the second edition was published as chauffeur accelerated and this time with a lot more power

Was released in the Iranian urban

Fully Iranian patrol car in the city

In this game some cool and interesting machines placed like:

Pride and Renault pickup trucks and vans Eris and ...

Well're going to have a short introduction and instruction you give to the chauffeur acceleration Please help us by the end of this tutorial.

First you enter your garage and your car is the first car you bought Pride pick and choose and into the game. Then enter the game in the game interface, gas, brake, see directions and map.

Map signs that you need to follow in order to get a job and get a job. After the game you have to guide the stores that you are told you are (top left) to go and gender to buy for that company.

Notice shops in the city are and no matter what a sex purchase. You just have bought sex, and to get yourself and your wages that you can then purchase new cars and at the same time, some of the shops are closed, and you just can not enter the front door of their shops there is a green square transparent. When entering the square to buy an icon appears when you tap on it and entered the store.

You can click on ads or buy coins to play our game in order to make the game more and more attractive Support

In case of any problem with the email id or telegram of us who have been discharged communicate the following channels

Thanks for being here with us


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