Ritbone (Persian Demo)

Ritbone (Persian Demo)

Version 2.2
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☆  Nominated for Best mobile game at IMGA Mena 2019 

☆  Nominated for Best Platformer game at IGF 2018

My name is Ritbone ! I don't know why my parents named me Ritbone but I like it any way , I love adventure and I hate the darkness. My mom says: it’s pretty normal to afraid of the dark in this age ! But , sometimes you have to face your fears !

Ritbone is an Adventure Platformer game that after one year is available now ! The game-play starts when our hero entered the underground world and you must help him by find keys, learning abilities and solving puzzles for saving his Teddy bear! The game-play is like old retro games (NES, Mega Drive) but with a little fresh graphics and checkpoint system! We have tried to create a lot of Puzzles, Mini-Games and Enemies to this game be more attractive for you...

If you like old retro Puzzle-Platfromer games and want to experience a attractive new adventure , don't lose the time ! Ritbone needs your help !

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