RaddePa(Daily Report on Map)

RaddePa(Daily Report on Map)

Version 1.4
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If you do not remember that, for example, when you were at your friend's house yesterday, who was calling or texting you, or when you were at a particular place from a particular time, or an employee, your child in the designated hours of the place Which should have been and have made the necessary calls, or you can not use this program.

By tracking all the details of calls and SMS on the map and recording the locations where you are present, the trackpad helps you to complete a complete report of your messages and contacts in different locations. Get a map and, if necessary, send this report to anyone you want to email.

Possibilities :

- Text messaging

- Archive contact information

- Archives of locations where you are present.

- View your messages, contacts and locations on the map

- Submit report from function to email

- Perform a specific event if located in a designated location

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