My Diary (gray)

My Diary (gray)

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نصب فعال
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Note: This version of the diary is no longer developed. It is recommended to download the new version of our app "My Diary" (with a green icon). Data from the old diary to the new one can be exported in the settings of the old diary.

My Diary is an easy-to-use, free app that lets you save and store your own thoughts, memories, secrets, life events or other confidential information and sync them via Google Drive™ between all Android devices you use.

Key Features:
- Create a password in the diary.
- Reset password (security email address).
- Save, browse, search and share entries on your smartphone and tablet.
- Sync data via Google Drive between all Android devices you use.
- Keep your data safe in the cloud.

Please remember to perform synchronization regularly to avoid accidental data loss.

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