Knights Fight

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Version 1.0.14
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Do you have the courage to face the fiercest knights in the Medieval Arena? Now is your chance to test yourself.
Take part in medieval knights duels! Hear the crowd roar as you step into the battleground! Listen to your heartbeat in the anticipation of combat! Feel the tension and witness as the cold steel pierces the armor of the unworthy! The joy of victory is available only to the best warriors. Are you one of them? Then prove it! 
Succeed and have the glory you always wanted or fail and be erased from history.

Become a knight! Wear your heavy steel armor, grab your sharpened sword and start your way to glory! Compete with thousands of other players for honor and treasures in the most realistic, intuitive & visually stunning knight combat game in medieval times!

- Take part in fast and furious sword fighting duels on the medieval Arena!
- Cross your sword with the most famous and honorable knights of the kingdom!
- Attack your enemies with deadly super hits and combos!
- Become the champion of global leaderboards and earn glory and treasures!

- Choose what you prefer most: a fast sword, a heavy crushing mace or a sharp war axe.
- Unlock new various armors, shields and weapons.
- Improve your equipment and try out different combat tactics.
- Use super hits and combos smartly to defeat even the strongest warriors.

- Fight vs other players in asynchronous multiplayer mode
- Settle arguments with friends in local network real-time fights (LAN)
- Prove your honor in deadly PvE Challenges
- Take part in weekly PvP championships with amazing prizes
- Complete daily tasks to earn rewards
- Crush your enemies with spectacular hits and combos
- Become the invincible champion of the medieval knights arena
- Only for the most honorable warriors: new upcoming Survival mode - ruthless survival combat

- Enjoy lifelike 3D graphics and visual effects
- Fight in various stunning locations either jousting arenas or dungeons.
- Knights motion-capture animations immerse you in medieval swordfighting battle like never before.

Download Knights Fight: Medieval Arena right now for free and don’t miss the chance to show your valor in combat.


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قهرمان شوالیه ها شوید! - شوالیه سیاه زیر ذره بین

بازی های اکشن اغلب برای افرادی ساخته می شود که به دنبال هیجان و تنش بیشتری هستند. اخیراً در دنیای بازی های موبایل شاهد تعدد و افزایش کیفیت این نوع بازی ها هستیم. شوالیه سیاه نیز به عنوان یک بازی اکشن ساخته شده تا شما را به دنیای پر از تنش شوالیه های قرون وسطا ببرد. اگر فکر می کنید که شما هم میتوانستید یکی از پر افتخار ترین جنگجویان قرون وسطا باشید، در این بازی به مبارزه پرداخته و خودتان را محک بزنید. گرافیک 3D حرفه ای و همچنین تنوع در سلاح، انواع دشمنان و تکنیک های جنگی را می توانید در این بازی تجربه کنید. با ذره بین در بررسی این بازی هیجان انگیز همراه باشید.