Call Recording quality HD

Active Installs 1,000+
Size 3.4 MB
Version 3.1


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One of the most complete and best applications for Android devices to record phone calls and conversations by the application of snow (SnowTeam) at a reasonable price in supermarkets has been released! Professional recording applications and automated calls Byntyry facilities and you can download it with one click.


The difference with the free version, the Pro version:
1-change the appearance and attractive software
2-placement software with hardware key Menu key (user request)
3. Improve the efficiency and quality of conversations recorded compared to the free version
4-recorded conversations in 3gp format and size, but the quality is very high and very low compared to the high volume HD mp4 formats and wma
5. Save the file to all conversations in a folder on the computer recorderCalls and the ability to backup and store your Shkhzy


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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. The program does not record the calls?

- Make sure no other program does not use behind the microphone
- The program will test the phone another family to make sure your phone does not have a hardware problem.

2. Does the program automatically after recording?

3. The audio recording was done unilaterally?

4. Start recording during a call message appears if you want to keep hidden is displayed What should I do?
- If the program is not secret telegrams program with a hidden mode you want to give us a message (@Happy722)

5. After a while the conversation was recorded large list was too slow?
Mtnql to be the style list

6. I used a sound recording program to record sound was thick?
- The problem of hardware for your phone

7. Why would not answer his comments?
- Comments answer was sent to your email will not be displayed in the list of comments if they do not receive your own answer in the telegram ask us (@Happy722 )


  • run at startup
  • prevent device from sleeping
  • full Internet access
  • read your contacts
  • reroute outgoing calls
  • modify/delete SD card contents
  • Storage
  • record audio
  • read phone status and identity

In Media

معرفی و بررسی ضبط تماس با کیفیت HD (حرفه ای)

آیا دوست دارید تماس های تلفنی خود را ضبط کنید؟ شاید واسه شما هم پیش امده باشد که وقتی با کسی تلفنی صحبت می کنید بخواهید مکالمات خود را ضبط کنید و صبحت های گفته شده را داشته باشید. بعد از نصب این برنامه تمامی تماس های شما بر روی گوشی شما ضبط شده و داخل خود گوشی ذخیره می شود.