Monitor child protection

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Version 2.5


Other software programming of the snow that was said is among the best software available in this area needed per family with small children.

With this software does not require more time and you can give yourself to a visit to Kvdktvn waste safely reach your work and tell you. It was when Kvdktvn woke software.

This application requires no internet and just use a Wi-Fi network and does not include the cost for you.

The software must be installed on both phones and both phones are connected to a Wi-Fi sharing with your child one of Harrow's phone and another phone before your saw and safely to all the sounds around your child's application was Karatvn top Quality was sent to you when your child was awakened by hearing his voice'll understand.

This application requires root access and other applications simply can not and use it.

This application is required for all parents who want to infiltration Madranyh but because they do not have enough time Frzndshvn.

With one click you can download the software and use it.


تغییرات ظاهری در نرم افزار

رفع مشکل عدم نصب در بعضی از گوشی ها

نرم افزار بر روی گوشی های نوت 2 اس 3 و تبلت تب 2 و تبلت ایرانی اورود تست شده است


  • view Wi-Fi connections
  • record audio
  • full Internet access