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Share your memories .. Give sweet moments with sweet memories and perpetuate your memories and with bitter memories cause more experience and patience ... and get the readers to learn.


-99 cash prizes without lottery

- Introducing the best memories that have received the most votes in the province.

-Remarks on topics (1- Childhood and paternal home 2- Alley and neighborhood3-School4-The first time..5-Celebration and ceremony6-Travel 7-Military 8 Ramadan 15-Arbaeen or days of mourning16-others).

-Every memory or photo (child or place of interest) that is recorded at the beginning of the year will be included in the survey and survey until the end of the year.

-Participate in 4 surveys (1-Memory 2-Children's Gallery3-Sights 4-Millions of experiences)

- By registering experience in the million experiences section, you will also be able to earn money.

-Millions of experiences with topics (1-partnership2-trade3-property and apartment4-car and motor5-factory or production6-currency stocks and gold7-etc)

- Your income may reach several million because it may be the problem of hundreds of singers on that day. And these few hundred people can deposit money into your account at will.

- Show the best from the most like to the least

- Images of nostalgia and nostalgia and attractions

-If selected, it will be placed on the Salam Memorial website. And will be published as a book.

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