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Be an expert news surfer!

Khabargardi is one of the first Iranian news readers with more than 5 years experience that has always focused on user awareness. Khabargardi is an intelligent news surfer that automatically receives thousands of news daily from trusted sources and uses sophisticated algorithms to categorize topics. With Khabargardi, you will never miss the important news of the day.


Exciting news is on the way. We've taken a new path and added new features to the app, all of which are for your continued satisfaction. In each new release, you will get surprised by your new Khabargardi.


Some features of the new version:

Smart search on all labels

Learn about the most popular news

Newspaper section with daily updates

Comment, debate and up/down vote news

Share news on Telegram and other social networks

See the full story of the news without the need to open a website or external link

Categorize news by subject, news sources, provinces and other attractive categories

A fully customizable dashboard for the users with the ability to remove, add and move topics

Create a profile and news magazine for each user to bookmark news and study in the future

Special features include: Climate section with the forecast for the next 3 days for all cities, gold price, currency, coin, stock indices, car prices with more than 400 cars, sports leagues table (Iranian and European leagues), Box office, etc.


Enjoy your news surfing :)


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گردش در اخبار - برنامه خبرگردی زیر ذره بین

یکی از محبوب ترین اپلیکیشن های خبری، خبرگردی است. روزانه خبرهای بسیاری در ایران و جهان منتشر می شود که بشر امروزی درجریانات زندگی و کارش نیاز دارد تا از خبرهای مهم مطلع شود. به همین منظور، خبرگردی، به عنوان یک اپلیکیشن پرطرفدار می تواند برای مردم گزینه مناسبی باشد. کاربران در خبرگردی به جدیدترین خبرها در یک دسته بندی منظم، دسترسی خواهند داشت. در ادامه برای نقد و بررسی اپلیکیشن خبرگردی با ذره بین همراه باشید.

khabargardi review

khabargardi review

Khabargardi App

Khabargardi App

well design news reader

very good news reader app for following news in persian language