Compact Farsi Persian keyboard

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Size 2.8 MB
Version 1.4b


Farsi Persian keyboard featuring a stylish and beautiful artist
Persian keyboard drawn with a very low volume suitable for all smartphones as well as low-tech phones, which will run due to the very low volume and high speed without any limb or sluggishness.

🔴 Tutorials:
◆ To use Fvt, Kasra and ... you need to touch the letters on your keyboard
➢ To add different symbols and beatiful, touch on each letter for a long time
◆ To add English and English, you can also use the language settings in the program settings

Featuring Farsi Keyboard Features (Drawn and Beautiful)
📷 High speed and low volume
🎨 Drawn Dude
✒ Letters and Shakeshows and Taizhi
📋 Text-to-speech capabilities with very high detection capability

🔤 English Fantasy Letters ℳε み の ɨ
💫 High number of guesses and ability to select in audio typing
🔁 Typed Lettered Alphabets -a -a -o -o
🔠 Full support for English and Persian
✗We have more than 300 emoticons and telegram flags
✂ Change the size of the keys and the row spacing to suit the user
📱 Fit to all devices and sizes
💡 Full support for all Android versions
⛎ Letters of letters
〰 Drag the letters
⬛ Fantasy characters █ ▓ ░
Characters ಠ_ಠ
🔢 Farsi and Arabic numbers 123
◆ Help the site to learn more about features

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  • Remove Internet Access
  • Increased application run speed
  • Improve application performance on Android 9


  • run at startup
  • view network connections
  • view Wi-Fi connections
  • write internal storage
  • read internal storage
  • modify/delete SD card contents
  • prevent device from sleeping
  • write to user defined dictionary
  • read user defined dictionary
  • control vibration