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By installing the software on your mobile phone, customers can easily register and see all the drivers around them. The authentication of the mobile number of passengers is automatically checked using SMS activation. The traveler selects the origin first and then the destination of the trip on the map. The software provides voice search capabilities so that the traveler can easily tell his source or destination that the audio diagnostic software will quickly display the point on the map. The traveler can also select and save his chosen address once (and, if necessary, edit the text) and use it later on.

After determining the origin and destination of the passenger, he can also choose, if necessary, the destination and / or the approximate time of stopping and going round the trip. The software quickly calculates and displays the estimated travel costs for the passenger according to the rates set by the center. Finally, with the final approval by the traveler, the software selects the nearest driver and dispatches it for service.

After the driver is deployed, the passenger can see the driver's moment and the position of origin and destination. The passenger software also shows the driver's route to reach the origin or destination, as well as the distance and km of the driver from him (waiting time for the driver to arrive). during the trip ,
After completing the service by the driver, the passenger can enter his opinion about the trip and the driver and give the driver a rating that is registered at the center and is monitorable by the managers. Also, in case of need for support, the passenger can select the support option and enter his requirements, which is immediately placed at the center for registration and available to the managers. With the help of the phone support button, the passenger can only call the support with the push of a button.

If the traveler does not have the Internet, the software can still be used. By running the software in the absence of Internet connection, the service of the telephone opens, which by its choice is automatically dialed to the call center and the passenger can use telephone service.

The passenger application displays a complete report of the latest services performed. The traveler can see on his mobile phone a full report of his previous trips with details. There is also another report that displays all payments and inventory of the traveler's account and the traveler can check his payments in detail. Also, the traveler can easily identify the software via SMS, telegram, Facebook, etc. by choosing an option.

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