Kardari  - Search Services

Kardari  - Search Services

Version 2020 - V 2.2.42
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In Tehran , Mashhad , Isfahan , Karaj , Shiraz , Tabriz you can use the free application search services . In the remedial workplace, everything can be solved by finding a master, in addition you can charge all the city staff for your request. Apply by inserting a query or setting your own price so that experts can consider and approve.

And if you own a business or skill you can make money from the same app without paying a cent just to sign up to see what users are asking for and if they want to.

Titles of Some Kardari Services:
Home Appliances Repair; Home & Office Cleaning; Freight & Furnishings; Plumbing & Installation; Carpets & Rugs; Building Electricity; Private Education; Women's Beauty; Home Jobs; Gardening & Landscaping; Cooling & Heating; Protective Systems; Audio and Video Repair; Music & Dance Training; Building and Construction Reconstruction; Computer Services; Car Repair & Service; Fire Service; Interior & Exterior Decoration; Catering & Ceremonies; Car Wash; and Other Services .. .

Official Brokerage Page on Instagram: @Kardari_Team

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