Kappa - Online Investment

Kappa - Online Investment

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This application allows you to easily view and compare different investment opportunities in different financial markets, including mutual funds, bank deposits and governmental bonds.

in the most recent update, with partnership with AGAH brokerage, you can log into your trading account and trade fixed income assets such as bonds and fixed income ETFs. 

With advanced calculators, you can easily compute profit/return of investments in different sectors. You can calculate yield of a bond, price of a gold piece, loan amount/time/monthly payments, and revenue of bank deposits. Advanced bond calculations are made easy for all users with our Investment Scenario Calculator.Imagine you have a fixed amount of money which you don't need it for a specific amount of time (let's suppose 1 year) and you want to know what is the best risk-free possible investment for you to gain highest possible returns in end of the investment duration. Investment Scenario Calculator can search in different bonds and bank deposits and offer you the top solutions in each of these sectors.

You can watch hourly price of commodities and governmental bonds. You can read and learn about investment in bonds and funds in courses provided in our application.

A simple financial dictionary is also provided which helps you better understand financial terms used in application.

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