Princess Magical Makeover

Princess Magical Makeover

نسخه ۱.۰.۳
نصب فعال

The wicked witch destroyed Princess Belle's royal ball dress! The little fairy and her little tailor friend decided to help Princess Belle to remake the world's most beautiful dress. But little tailor needed 6 precious materials from 6 mysterious kingdoms and continents. So Princess Belle and the little fairy started the journey to get all these materials. What could happen during their journey? Let’s find out!

Explore in 6 mystical kingdoms: the mermaid world, the elf forest, the Savannah, the sweets town, the vampire castle and the winter wonderland! Dress up the princess with exotic and gorgeous outfits and meet new friends!

In this princess makeover game, there are more than 500 items for makeup and dress up sessions. You could also design exquisite tiara and necklace with diamonds, pearls and other elements to match with the whole look. Finish all the levels to get all the materials and help Princess Belle create the most beautiful dress!

- 6 exotic kingdoms and continents.
- More than 500 of costumes, accessories and cosmetics.
- Vivid story plot
- Creative DIY sessions
--No Wi-Fi required. It can be played anywhere

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