Traditional herbal medicine

Traditional herbal medicine

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Traditional medicine is a collection of knowledge, skills and actions based on the theories, beliefs and experiences of indigenous peoples of different cultures, whether or not descriptive, that is used in the health, prevention, diagnosis, improvement and treatment of physical and mental illnesses. they take.

Traditional medicine exists in many parts of the world, among which the most popular types are traditional Chinese medicine, herbal and prophylactic medicine (used in traditional Iranian medicine - ecology), Shamanbury and Ayurveda (used in traditional Indian medicine) Cited.

Our purpose is to find out what is known today as traditional medicine in Iran as a doctrine whose origins can be found in the 3rd century AH and often found in Arabic translations of the works of Hippocrates and Galenius

The program includes the treatment of a variety of diseases that are traditional methods of medicine that will make you admire.

Herbal shampoo for the body
Treat chronic pain with natural painkillers
Traditional medicine to treat anemia
Herbs for weight loss
Fat with these drinks
Plants useful for the skin
Healing properties of baking oil
Treatment of oral pests with home and plant remedies
Healing properties of baking oil
Anti pneumonia
Thyme tea for relieving rheumatoid arthritis, MS
Nettle and lemon to cope with anemia
Medicinal herbs useful for weight gain
Cinnamon and Stewia to regulate blood glucose
Treating foot scrubs with home remedies
Treatment of diabetes with traditional medicine
9 Application of Husker in traditional medicine
Homemade treatment for the treatment of chest dyspnea
Thyme in traditional medicine
Traditional medicine for toothache
Home treatments for hemorrhoids
10 Medicinal plants for easy delivery!
Herbal therapy for high blood pressure
Herbs for treating gastritis
Thyroid use in pregnant women
Treating allergies with traditional medicine
What are the qualities of Lavender Cheddar?
Cinnamon; A Useful Spice To Control Diabetes
Treatment of food poisoning with traditional medicine
6 Natural disinfectant
Natural antibiotics
How to prevent herpes?
Herbal remedies effective in treating indigestion
Natural remedies for acne treatment
Treatment of migraine with ginger
Drinking antidotes
Treatment of fatty liver with traditional medicine
Herbal remedies for the treatment of head lice
Sweats for belly
Traditional medicine and cure for colds
3 anti cholesterol spices
Treatment of diarrhea with herbal medicines
Plants containing natural aspirin
Amaranth Nasara; Full Spray!
Having a beautiful skin with traditional medicine!
Anti-aging plants!
Cumin for slimming belly
Sage, a plant to strengthen memory
Cedar Pharmaceutical Properties
Medicinal herbs for seasonal allergies
Treatment of early menopause with traditional medicine
Herbal remedies useful for gastric reflux
Five-finger creeping plant
Several plants to deal with dry skin
6 anti-bulging boil
Familiarity with the properties of tea
Treating itching with herbs
Benefits of an herbal medicine
Dangerous plants during pregnancy
Plants useful for hair growth
Lavender in removing bad breath
Herbal treatment of epilepsy
Plants that clean the air of the house
Medicinal herbs useful for the nerves
Eucalyptus Properties
Appropriate treatment for heart patients
Chicory in traditional medicine
Hypnosis tightens the anxiety
Bleaching properties
Decoction to relieve chest pain
benefits of avocado
A recipe for relieving ear pain
Flower raisie; herbal remedy for depression
Opium poppy seed properties
Reduce Fever and Pain with Dandelion
Herbal for menstruation regulation
Treatment of thirst with purple
Yarrow And The Miracle Of Yarrow
Hair loss booster
Women's magical plant
The properties of black helium in traditional medicine
An appetizing plant
Aloe Vera's various properties
Fat burning with these plants
Effective Medicinal Herbs in Cold Water
Toothache relief with traditional medicine
Pushing a miraculous grain

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