Tasty different types of omelets

Tasty different types of omelets

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Omelet is the main ingredient of the egg. To make omelette in a pan of oil or butter. When the oil is hot, the egg is added to it. Sometimes the omelet comes up and contains vegetables, cheese, cooked meat or a combination of them. To make the omelet light, sometimes it is added to the egg whites that are seperately sliced ​​(or all egg-sliced), milk, cream or even water. This method creates bubbles in the initial fluid. Because the egg is cooked quickly, the bubbles are sealed inside it and soft and light texture to the omelette.

The Iranian type of omelet called Khaghina is also produced in some parts of the country, which adds sugar to it

The recipe for cooking omelets varies little from country to country.

A comprehensive program for training and baking omelets. The program includes a complete list of oolates, which you can select from each order, the general picture of the prepared omelet, the preparation time, the waiting time for baking, the volume of food produced to the number of people, the degree of difficulty, the way Prepare the raw materials as well as the preparation and baking steps.

Chicken Omelette
Mexican Omelette
Omelette and Broccoli
Omelettes in the oven
Italian omelette
Indian Omelette
Greek omelette
Greek omelette
Sunflower Omelette
Peanut omelette
Spinach instant omelette
Denver Omelette
Drop Omelette
Grilled Tomatoes
Chinese omelette
Mushroom and vegetable omelettes
Omelette onion
Mushroom Omelettes on Microwave
Lentil Omelette
Olive pepper in the oven
Flower Glam Omelette Pizza
American Broccoli Omelettes
Vegetable Omelettes Cake
Omelette with Cheddar Cheese
Vegetable Omelette
Omelettes with cheese
Omelette of mushrooms and onions
Mediterranean Omelette
Pepper and Onion Omelettes
Omelet sprouts beans and shrimp
Sauteed omelette
Pumpkin omelette
Cheese and egg omelettes
Omelette and broccoli
Oil-free eggplant
Pasta Omelette
Garnish Pomegranate Omelette
Rice and Cheese Omelettes
Kaghine Omelette
Green zucchini omelette
Omelette Pasta
Tomatoes and lemon juice
Omelette with sausage
Lemur Omelette
Mushroom and meat omelettes
Breakfast cereal
Ham omelet

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