Training 125 homemade fancy breads

Training 125 homemade fancy breads

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Bread is the main source of food throughout the world. Usually, they produce flour from the pulp of wheat, which comes with the help of dough, and the volume increases and it is finally cooked in the oven or oven.

Usually wheat flour is used to make bread, because its gluten level is very high (which causes the sponge and bread crunchiness). But sometimes wheat flour, barley, corn and oats are used either alone or mixed with wheat flour in bread making.

In this program, we tried to assemble and educate a variety of local and foreign Iranian breads to assist your loved ones in preparing fresh and hot meals at home for breakfast and evening meal.

Barbari bread
Bread with Scented Vegetables
Types of Donuts
Bread crackers
date bread
Simple pancakes
Cheese with garlic
Homemade Tortilla
Garlic and Basil
Creamy cream
Simple Dessert Bread
Bread roulette
How to make a colorful cheese bread
Pita bread
Full belly buns
Empatada, Peppermint
Achaamat Turkish Bread
Italian Golden Bread
Bread in the form of flowers
Brazilian Cheese Bread
Pizza Bread
Dough of Thousands
Sandwich bread
Donut bread in the oven
Homemade Bread
Indian bread
Special sweet bread
Gingerbread Pepper Cheese
Potato Bread
Gata's bread
Crepe dough
Dough puff pastry
Fukachia with vegetables
Bacon taco
Chocolate Bread
Burger bread
Hashjin Cheese Bread
Simple toast
Bread Garlic
Walnut bread
Dough pie
Sesame bread
Peppermint and cheese
Cinnamon Bread
Peanut bread
Banana double-colored bread
Pancake Chicken
Hashjin Cheese Bread
Bread with vegetables and brains
Spinach Bread
Simet salt
Pritzker Bread
Vegetable maize bread
Loaf Breads
Olive and Vegetables
Pumpkin and Banana Bread
Walnut bread
Cheese bread
Date breads and cinnamon walnuts
Fruit Bread
Diet Bread
Homemade Wheat Bread
Date palm screw
Coconut bread
Apple bread
Korean Bread
Woven Bread
Bread Bread
Bread with sap
Simple banana bread
Banana peanut bread
Kefir bread
Oatmeal and Honey
Roasted Noodles
Puffy Bread
Oily bread

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