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Sura Molk Souti Text and Virtue

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Surah al-Malak or Tabarak is the sixth seventh sura and from the Qur'anic verses of the Qur'an which is in the 29th Qur'an. This sura is named after the property in the first verse of the word "Malek". It has different names and the reason for naming this surah with different titles is that this surah Qaryan and the perpetrators saved it from the doom of hell and prevent the fire from reaching their bodies. This chapter begins with the congratulations and praises of the Lord concerning His rule and His divine authority, and in the following verses, the creation and the death and the life in order to test the divine and choose the best.

In virtue of the recite of this surah, the Prophet (pbuh) has been quoted as saying that anyone who read Surah al-Malak at night will have a rebuke like the Revival of the Night of Glory.

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