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The great prayer of prayer is a prayer for the Shiites, in which God is called the various names and attributes that come from the verses of the Islamic traditions. From the Shi'a point of view, "Goshan the Great" was learned by Gibreel to Muhammad and his reading is considered to be a special act of the Nights of Peace.

"Jhoshn" is an Arabic word meaning "war wear" or "armor". The reason for using the word "jhoshn" in the name of this prayer is that he had a heavy armor in one of Muhammad's hordes. The heavy armor of Mohammed hurt him and his tone. In this war, Jebrail sent a message from God for Muhammad and said to him: "Muhammad, the Lord will salute you and say:" Do not take this armor; read this prayer that you and your people from the dangers and incidents Bad, keeps Also, the reason for the use of the word "great" can have two meanings: first, the word refers to the length of this prayer, and secondly, the word refers to the size and intensity of the armored muslim Mohammed.

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