Short interesting stories

Short interesting stories

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In this app, we have collected a collection of the best and most intriguing short stories for you.

Tales of death and life
The phrase "learning to quit animals"
Moral narrative
Are you the one who tells everyone?
Sheikh's story and disciples
A fairy tale of short and beautiful
The statement of Mullah and Darash
Two princes tales
Read a romantic letter with the beloved
Humorous stories
Get a good statement
A short story from Mathnavi's first office
Instructive Tales of Thieves
The dungeon
Mullah's bullfighting story
Unity in love
Butcher's story
An interesting tale of quarrels over grapes
Interesting tale of Esther and Aster
The statement of Shams and Maulana
Who is heaven?
The story of a guest before Joseph
Informative Tale of Mouse Trap
Beautiful Dervish and Karim Khan's beautiful tale
An interesting tale of cat judgment!
The story of Parro poet
The dead tree
The story of Shahin and Genghis Khan Mogul
Three Beautiful Stories of Spiritual Masnavi
Advise the bird's informative tale
Beautiful moore and pen stories
The tale of the "ascetic"
The story of Bhlvl's solution to pay the steam
Who is alive in difficulty?
The man's anecdote and hypocrisy
Beautiful beauties and dragons
Bad fish and strong fish
An interesting tale of a man with two spouses
According to Dave and Solomon
The story of the captured man and the king
Beautiful tale fairy tale man in perfume market
An interesting tale damn Satan!
Tale of Tutor: Whatever you want to be guilty of!
Darwish and Sultan's Interesting Tale
The one who suffered a misfortune knows the value of security
The hunger statement is empty as it is
Potion of tranquility
The order of the order to eliminate the troubles of the people
Wash your clothes and clothes
An Anecdote from Rumi and Shams
Get out of the grave
The statement of patience and tolerance against the marriage
Melanus al-Din and Smoke Smoke
Readable legend: What does God eat?
The saying is Adam, not Adam
Instructive tale: suffering or grace!
Loyal and loyal slave
I'm going to tell her interesting story!
An interesting tale of the day with the city lights
Plato's tale
God's Garden, God's Hand, God's Hand
Young guilty story
Informative telling romantic appointment Lilly and Majnon!
Get your professional skills from 3 filters!
Cooler than hatam
Tales of killing people
The story of the Arabs and the philosopher's man
Anecdote and humankind
Anatomy of the belly of the garlic
An interesting tale of judging Bhlvl
The beautiful story of the lantern man
Interesting story of hidden gem
A musical tale that holds a camel!
The story of the deer in the long term
Sufi and dwarf narrations
The story of Molla Nasruddin's begging!
The tale of four who did not understand the language
The beautiful tale of the old man is empty
Melanhard al-Din and the scientist
Anecdote and King!
Two stories from Plato
Informative telling just go!
An interesting answer to the wise caliph
The story of meeting God
Anonymous man's tale
Are you drowning or eagle? (Anecdote)
Brave man's tale
Judgment Prayer
Judgment Prayer
Architect and old man (anecdote)
The story is Damned and Karim Khan Zand
Socrates Sweetheart
Mullah and candle fairy tales
Examination of managers with waterpipe (anecdote)
Which one do you mount? (Anecdote)

Selling hats and monkeys (anecdotes)
Reading Tale of Axe Language
What are your business glasses? (Management tale)
Flying Shahin (Tale)
Aunt's friendship (anecdote)
This winter is a difficult winter (anecdote)
Story and Stamp
Walking dog on the water (anecdote)
Jalin's story is crazy
The Tale of "The Known Mystery"
Mystery of Dell to woman
Fox experience
Right of the word (anecdote)
Vanity Fairy Tale
Hat hat
Frost Judge
Three steps higher (anecdote)
Ruthless rana (anecdote)
Fear of sugar
Voyeur neighbor's tale
The story of Bhlvl from the kingdom and the kingdom!
God's will (anecdote)
Loghman and fruits
A beautiful story of Kelleh and Damnah


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