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Hijab prayer (maybe)

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The great prayer of Allah Hajib (maybe))

Sayyid ibn Tavous in the book of Sharif Mahjd al-Dawat, from Amir al-Mu'minin (as), pray this prayer with

There are many virtues and benefits that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

("Whoever reads the name of God by calling on his names.") He also said: "(If these names

On iron sheets. It will be soft on the right.))

He also said: "(By swearing for the prophet to me right, if hunger and

Thirst tightens hard, reads this prayer peacefully, and sends it to the right

I am to the Prophet, if one reads this prayer on a mountain that prevents him from reaching the destination.

The mountain - as it wishes - is collapsed and the road is smooth. Swear to my sender

To the Prophet, if someone calls this prayer on a madman, he will improve if, on the pregnancy,

He is hard to read, God will make it easy.

The Prophet also said: "(If a man read this prayer and the city where his house is in it

Fire will not burn, he will not burn in the fire, and if someone prays for prayer for forty nights Friday

God forgives all his personal sins, though mixed with his mother!

I swear to my sender to Prophethood, every sorrowful one read this prayer, the grief of the world and its afterlife

Mercy will be forgiven.

I swear to my sender the true prophecy, this prayer before going and the religion of the kingdom

It does not read wrongdoings unless God commands that authority

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