Education Arabic Falafal Samosa

Education Arabic Falafal Samosa

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The word falafel is derived from the word "pepper". This word has expanded and has been used in other languages, including Farsi (Pulp). But the word falafel originally means peasball bullet.

Of course, some believe that Falafel (a new Egyptian food tasting) food made by Egyptian Copts (Christians of Egypt) for Christian fasting days (Christians should avoid eating any meat during this day; they only use herbal foods) And the word "falafel" consists of three parts, "Fa", "la" and "fel", which in the Coptic language means "entirely from chickpea"; this food has been expanded by the Copts to the dinner and other countries.

Falafel and special sauce
Diet falafel
Falafel with homos
Fish Falafel

Local falfal cheese
Lebanese Falafel
Falafel with sauerkraut
Peanut Falafel
Khalazati Falafel
Spaghetti Falafel
Falafel with soy
Chicken Falafel
Falafel peas and carrots
Falafel with peas and green lentils
Falafel in the oven
Indian Samosa
Samosh Bread Lavash
Samosa Shrimp
Diet Smoothie
Samosh Khuzestan
Asian Samosa
The main southern samosa
Potato and mushroom samosa
Diet Smoothie
Mushroom Samosa
Smoothie meat
Cheese Samosa
Vegetable Samosa
Samosa Pizza

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