Traditional herbal distillates

Traditional herbal distillates

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Condiments are one of the most widely used forms of plant use. Today in Iran there are more than 40 types of plants that are sweated and used medically. The medicinal distillates are essentially scents, aromas, or essential oils that add water to them. They are an avid drug that its aromas can stimulate olfactory neurotransmitter receptors and stimulate the process of making hormones, body heat, metabolism, levels of stress hormones and sex , The body's defenses, our thoughts and our emotional and physical behaviors.

Tincture of fennel

Thyme sweat

Pussy pussy

Orange spring sweat

Mint syrup

Chicory sweat

Aloe Vera sweat properties

Tips on distillates


A pleasant summer with these herbs

Kakotti sweat

Nastaran sweat

Pussy pussy

Chamomile sweat

Sweat tart Maryam

Sweet sweat

Pune sweat

Cumin Sweat

Zinan sweat

Contains with warmth

Convulsions with moderate cold temperament

Sweet sweat

Calpe Pure

Celery sweat

Lavender sweat



Roald sweat


Sweat of four herbs

Walnut leaves sweat

Sweat more

Coriander sweat

Yummy sweat

Nettle sweat

Sweat cinnamon

Ginger sweat

Brownie's sweat

Sweaty leaves

Sweat tarano

Barberry Sweat

Gourmet sweat

Sweaty pearl

Raspberry sweat

Balm sweat

Parsley sweat

Sweaty thrips

Alfalfa sweat

Sweat of valerian

Nastaran sweat

Sweat shahsparm

Sweat to lemon

Sweat your head

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