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This sura in general represents the various spiritual and material blessings of Allah, which has made its servants worthless and built into them so that the name of this surah can be called "Surah al-Rahmat" or "Surah al-Naimat", and for this reason The word "al-Rahman", which narrates the mercy of the divine, begins and ends with glory and ceremonies, and it is mentioned in the 31st sentence of the verse of the testimony of the rebakma, which testifies to its servants with their blessings. .

The content of this chapter can be divided into several sections:

The first part, which is the introduction and the beginning of the Surah, speaks of the great blessings of burial, education, counts and quantities, the welfare of man and his physical and physical food.

The second part is an explanation of how the creation of man and jinn is made.

The third part represents the signs and verses of Allah on earth and in the sky.

The fourth part of the worldly blessings goes beyond the favors of the other world, which explains the favors of paradise, including gardens, springs, fruits, beautiful and well-dressed wives, and all kinds of clothing.

Finally, in the fifth part of this chapter, a brief mention is made of the fate of the perpetrators and a portion of their painful punishment.

Virtue and Properties of Surah Al-Rahman

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