Endless War

Endless War

نسخه ۱.۲.۳.۳
نصب فعال
۳۸۸ مگابایت

تصاویر برنامه

معرفی برنامه

We welcome you to this hexagon field where strategic battles take place

** This game officially supports English.

[Strategic Epic Battle]
Use diverse classes, formations,
troop transport and rally to form various strategies.

With the perfect strategy, become the victor of war.

[Various Co-operative Contents]
Win City Sieges with guild members by
providing aid on construction and resource transportation.

Co-operate with other members
to turn the tide of war.

[Battle on Hexagon Field]
Conquer various cities on the hexagon field.

The fierce and passionate battle
on the hexagon field awaits you.

[Never-ending High Quality War Simulation]
High quality graphic of heroes and buildings!
Diverse strategy!

The start of this never-ending battle
begins now at Endless War.

◆ How to Disable Access Authorizations
[Android 6.0 or Above]
Device Settings > Applications > Select the App > Permissions

[Lower than Android 6.0]
Cannot revoke permissions. You must delete the app.
*The terms used above may vary depending on your device or OS version.

Revoking required permissions for access authorizations may result in failure to log in to the game.

◆ Game Access Authorizations
[Required Authorizations] Access to photos, media, and files
- (For Updates) We need your permission to save the update files onto your device's SD card.
- (Storage Access) For saving game settings, cache, and reliable 1:1 customer support, we need permission to access photos, media, and files stored within the device.

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