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Job Center is the first comprehensive international job search/recruitment and job consulting mobile application for Iranian job seekers with an official license from the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, which operates under the management of Iran Job Center Company in order to dispatch the Iranian labor force abroad.

Search jobs, find companies hiring now.

Using JobCenter app you can find the right opportunities for you as an Irainian jobseeker. Among the thousands of fresh job listings,  JobCenter helps you to find jobs that match your skills.

Get your dream job by following these steps:

- Create your professional resume using the resume maker.

- Submit your resume in the application. The resume will be available for automatic submission when you are applying for a job in the next step.

- Get the latest job opportunities available in your field in the job opportunities section and selecting from the available categories.

- If you are interested in a job opportunity, you can easily apply for it  by taping the "send your resume" button.

Our mission is to help Irainian Jobseekers  find a job and company they love by:

- Providing  job opportunities for Iranian job seekers.

- Comprehensive and diverse list of international job opportunities

- Fresh job listings every day

- Free online resume maker allowing jobseekers to create a perfect resume

- Providing consulting services for job seekers

- official license from the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare