Audio Quran NoorAlMobin (With Data)

Audio Quran NoorAlMobin (With Data)

Version 1.0
Install from Bazaar
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Qari is a link to download the final version which contains 5


In the first, that in the event of any disruption in the payment process, via telegram or WhatsApp with company email address, contact number 9368389309 to your problem be addressed. If you do not fix your money will be returned without any conditions. Please keep your receipt for payment of the market to address the problems.

The full text of Arabic and Persian Quran

The exact settings and access them with a party

Show alert for signs of prostration obligatory and recommended

Arabic voice with the voice of MESHARI Alfasy

(Volume of the program is because all audio files available in the app)
The frequently repeated verse Voice

Q. When playing audio files mobility

Translated by Professor Palmer - Master Minds - and Makarem Shirazi and English translation M. Saffarzadeh

Fine line Osman Taha

Settings feature full-size and font type for the Arabic and Persian and English

Has advanced in Arabic and Persian texts

Ability to save favorite verses and also marked the last verse read

Notable point :

there are several Qari after installing the app, are audio files must be downloaded separately.

some phones display Arabs font. this place is very strong and complete and that's why this font is the default program.


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