Version 3.8
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IranCard is a bank card with all the features of a regular bank cards.  This card is a member of the acceleration network and provides you with the opportunity to perform all the usual activities such as cash withdrawal, bill payment, online shopping and more…Do it by relying on it.

Paying through IranCard always returns a percentage of the purchase amount to your IranCard account. IranCard consists of four levels (Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum).  Depending on your card level, you will receive a 25% to 100% cash back.

In the meantime, numerous services, recreation and tourism centers have been provided to IranCard holders.  These centers are hotels, shops, Restaurants and… Includes.  By visiting and purchasing these centers, IranCard users will enjoy significant cash and cash backs based on their IranCard.  By relying on IranCard application you can find out about IranCard services and rates.

Application Features

  • Typical Bank Card with all features of regular bank cards.
  • Including Cashback system
  • Location base system
  • Score Observation for IranCard holders
  • Service Observation for IranCard holders
  • Access to IranCard online store

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