Sleepwave – Sleep with Relax Music

Sleepwave – Sleep with Relax Music

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Need a little more sleep? Want to improve your sleep? You have come to the right app!

Sleepwave is a brainwave entrainment application that uses the technology of isochronic tones to tune your brainwave in sync with the exact Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta wave provided to reach desired state of consciousness.

Note: You can enjoy two tracks for free forever and the others for free in one month.


1. No extensive practice required;

2. Reaches deep delta;

3. Feel the effects in minutes;

4. Affects both body and mind.

At the end of the day sometimes we find it difficult to finally let the stresses of the day go and just relax. The problems we ran into during the day crop up again causing us to worry needlessly on into the night even though we desperately want sleep. At a certain point we find ourselves glancing at the clock over and over and thinking, "Even if I get to sleep right now, I'll only be able to get four or five hours before I have to wake up again." And of course this doesn't relax you, it only makes you more desperate to relax.

With our sleep program, it's no longer difficult to fall into a quick relaxation state and get started with important REM sleep. Rather than toss and turn for hours on end, just have this system immediately downloaded to your computer, plug in your headphones, and press play. Almost immediately you'll enjoy a more relaxed state. Before you even know for sure that it's working, you will be quickly transported to that state of consciousness you've been desperately trying to get all night.

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